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How does it work?

Vet Candidate Fit Better

  • Elm evaluates values and work-style alignment between companies and candidates through a proprietary assessment.
  • Elm analyzes 20+ values and preferences such as remote work, autonomy, pay, and discussing politics at work.

Source Less

  • Elm finds and activates top-tier engineers for you. The average company saves at least 10 hours per week per employee in sourcing.
  • Spend less time on email sequences and LinkedIn messages.
  • Elm conducts phone screens for you by vetting candidate interest and communication skills. The average company saves at least 5 hours per week per employee in screening.
  • Elm generates 40% response rates.

Improve Diversity

  • Diversity shouldn’t come at the expense of hiring speed.
  • Elm surfaces diverse candidates by sourcing from communities where diverse candidates spend their time.
  • Balance hiring for fit while also talking to candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Why Us?

Understand Fit Better

Our assessment tool helps companies understand what motivates candidates and where potential sources of conflict could arise. Our assessment is unique because it happens before the company matching process, leading to more honesty from candidates.

10+ Years of Experience in Assessing Fit

Our team has a decade of experience in recruiting and education, including national awards in assessment design. We’ve built assessments used by over 50,000 people, and we’ve worked with leading organizational psychologists at Google.

Built by Engineers for Engineers

We aren’t a recruiting agency. Our team understands engineers because we are engineers. We’ve worked at top companies and attended top universities.

Hire Insanely Fast.

We are building a world where employees grow starting on Day 1. Join us.

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